Grandparents Cetinkaya from Germany.

Grandfather and grandmother Cetinkaya from Troisdorf, Germany left the rest of the family for a trip to Italy. But first they go to Finland. Originally the Cetinkaya family is from Gent, Belgium.

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A weekend at home
After breakfast, the parents clean the living room. In the meanwhile, Jenna has an accident with her bike. But grandfather can't repair the bike because he is leaving on holliday. And dad is to busy  chasing rats in restaurants...

The key
Shortly after  Jana and Kevin leave the Manzoni family, the grandparents Cetinkaya arrive. Together they visit Türkü during the Christmas season. But then father Manzoni loses his key. They look everywhere, even in an underground ice arena! 

part 3
work in proces

Family meeting
The four families from the flying living rooms meet in Ghent.

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