Our experiences

It is nice:

  • to hear new languages.
  • to cooperate with other countries.
  • that the foreign teachers come in our class.

What a pitty:

  • the project is in his final year.
  • we can’t meet the children from Turku and Cento, because it was exciting to meet the children from Troisdorf in mini Europe in Brussel. 

“To cooperate with the other schools we had to write letters and emails. That was not so simple but we managed.”
“It was also that we worked as a team when we were making the films. Each pupil had his responsibility: filming, manipulating a puppet, holding the microphone or speaking the words etc…
Everybody was depending on the others.”
“I think this project is really something wonderful.”

“The result would have been different when we had to make it on our own.
But we can say: We really made it together. “