Gianna Manzoni from Finland.

Gianna is the daughter of the Manzoni family in Turku, Finland. As you can notice, originally from Italy. She left to go to Germany to study at a highschool in Troisdorf . Afterwards she will study French and Dutch in Belgium.

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The football game
In this first episode you see the Manzoni family going to a football game: Belgium - Italy. Who do you think is going to win?

Gianna is leaving
Because Gianna is leaving for Troisdof, Dad went to buy her a new suitcase. But the rest of the family is waiting for him...

The big excitement
Jenna and Zoë are sad because their grandparents left. But there is a surprise: a present with a good luck charm in it for the two sisters. But they lose it on the way to the ice cream bar... And then their guest from  Finland arrives.

Gianna gets homesick in Troisdorf . Her German friends Jenna and Zoë really try everything to cheer her up.

A love story in Ghent
Gianna arrives in Gent to learn Dutch and French. She meets David, the older brother from Jana. Love is in the air!

Family meeting
The four families from the flying living rooms meet in Ghent.

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