First project year 2004-2005

Welcome in my livingroom

On this picture you see a pupil from Troisdorf working in the empty living room.
The story started with four empty livingrooms.
But the decoration you see in our living room is not our choise.
The Troisdorf children asked us to sent material to decorate their living room.




We exchanged ideas and decided  what to sent to Germany.






Here you see the children in Troisdorf decorating their living room with the material we’ve sent.



This is the result.
We asked the children in Turku how to decorate our living room. They have sent us the plans and materials to do so.




A picture of our decorated living room was sent to Cento.
 “Can you design some furniture that fits in our living room? “
After a couple of weeks the plans arrived and we build the furniture according to the Italian plans.


 We made the plans of the furniture for the Italian living room.

We have sent a picture to Germany of our living room completed with the furniture.
They surprised us, with a nice vase, carpets and paintings. And we surprised the children in Turku with a self made bird cage with a little bird in it. At the end of the first year we had in Belgium a living room with: Wall and floor decoration from Finland, furniture designed in Italy, and some beautiful objects from Germany.