Second project year 2005-2006

Glad to know your family

This is the family Schmidt that lives in our Belgian living room. But how did they get there?
Every partner made a film presenting the children and their family.The children in Turku made a puppet family for us, based on information from the Troisdorf families.

We made a puppet family for Troisdorf with information of the Cento families.
We made the puppets all by ourselves.




Everyone made a puppet so we had the choise to compose a family for Troisdorf.
The teachers from Troisdorf collected the puppets in our class.


The teachers from Finland brought us a puppetfamily made in Finland that was going to live in our living room.




We wrote a story about what we do in our weekend. The children in Cento described a weekend for our puppet family.

We used their story for our first movie.
We showed it to everybody at our school.