Third project year 2006-2007

The flying livingroom, a european soap



Jana and Kevin left on a trip through Europe. They visited Cento and Troisdorf.

From every living room one or two family members travelled around.



Robert from Cento came for a visit to Gent. Then he travelled to Finland.


Gianna from Turku visited Troisdorf and then came to Ghent to learn Dutch and French.


The grandparents Cetinkaya from Troisdorf have been visiting their friends in Turku and Cento.

In every country a film was made with the visitor as a special guest.
We made a film about Robert getting lost in the city.
The fifth class made a second movie: “Bad luck in Belgium”

The last movie was a love story starring Gianna from Turku.

In may all teachers and all puppets came to Ghent. There we made the final movie together.