The travellers of 'the flying living room'

Here you can follow the stories of the travelers of the flying living rooms. The flags show in which country the episode was made. The family meeting was made in coöperation with teachers of the four countries and the children from Belgium.

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Robert Rossi from Italy.

Robert is the father in the family Rossi who lives in Cento, Italy. This puppet family was made in Germany. Robert is a policeman for profession and he is going to visit Belgium and Finland.




Jana and Kevin Schmidt from Belgium.

Jana and her father Kevin from the Schmidt family live in Gent, Belgium but are originally from Finland. They are going on a trip to Italy and Germany. Kevin wants his daughter to get an impression of the Europe anno 2006-2007. Therefore he is taking his daughter to some European countries where he knows some friends with who they can stay.


Gianna Manzoni from Finland.

Gianna is the daughter of the Manzoni family in Turku, Finland. As you can notice, originally from Italy. She left to go to Germany to study at a highschool in Troisdorf . Afterwards she will study French and Dutch in Belgium.


Grandparents Cetinkaya from Germany.

Grandfather and grandmother Cetinkaya from Troisdorf, Germany left the rest of the family for a trip to Italy. But first they go to Finland. Originally the Cetinkaya family is from Gent, Belgium.