Robert Rossi from Italy.

Robert is the father in the family Rossi who lives in Cento, Italy. This puppet family was made in Germany. Robert is a policeman for profession and he is going to visit Belgium and Finland.

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Tony, Nico and Hanna's family
This weekend,it's the birthday of the Mama of Tony, Nico and Hanna. She is going to a beauty farm on Saturday and Robert has to take care of the children. Together they decide what present they will buy for mama.

Dad has to leave
Tony, Nico and Hanna are not so glad to hear their dad is leaving. They decide to give him a present before he leaves but then something is missing...

Where is Robert?
In this episode Robert arrives in Belgium but he gets lost in the city of Gent. David and Eva Schmidt enter town to find him. On their way they get a lot of help...

Bad luck in Belgium
Unfortunaly, Robert can't leave Belgium. He has to earn some money and helps to make a good ending to a kidnapping. 

Part 5
work in proces

Family meeting
The four families from the flying living rooms meet in Ghent.

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